Life consists on various tasks; namely projects, work, meetings or assignments. More often than not, people find it difficult to fulfill these tasks due to various distractions (often involved with daily life digital devices) we now refer to as ‘procrastination’. Rockastinator is a physical and interactive device that will constantly remind you you’re deviating from your duties, help you working more effectively, and even tell you to take a break. 
This device has the ability to seamlessly connect with your daily life in order to learn your habits and act accordingly. It can enter your google account and browsing history and even “hear” your surroundings in order to know precisely what major tasks you have pending and how you’re deviating from them. Once it detects you’re engaging in procrastination it will trigger a certain alarm, namely moving around, making noises or sending embarrassing tweets mentioning you. In contrast, when the device detects you’re doing your tasks effectively, it will help you by playing some of your favorite music, and if you work too much, it will distract you in order to stop. 

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